What's in your bag?

What's in your bag?

Hi, the new school and dance year just started and I hope you are all ready for it. We would love to share today what is in the dancer's bag of 3 lovely dancers.


Grace What's in my bag

Hi, I’m Grace and this is my dance bag! In here I keep all of the essentials I need for my classes. Starting on the left I have my ‘health’ stuff which I honestly cannot live without, especially my band-aids and inhaler. Moving over my dance journal is very important to me because that’s where I keep all of my choreography, notes, and corrections. Now moving on to the shoes. As you can tell from this picture, I like to have an extra pair of everything just because I’m very forgetful or because I like to lend stuff to other people who can also be forgetful 😂 Then my pointe shoes.
Ah, where do I begin, well I have 3 pairs that I alternate often because I do at least 4-5 hrs of pointe a week. It’s my favorite style of dance just because it’s very challenging! Then I just keep some extra tights, shorts, and a skirt just so I’m extra prepared for class. I like showing people what’s in my bag because it shows the dedication I put into dance by the ripped shoes and extra supplies I like to have.


Our next dancer is Eliana Pearl from Arizona.

Eliana What's in my bag?

Inside my dance bag are my favorite SoDanca ballet and jazz shoes, Tap shoes, extra tights, shirts and ballet skirt, a practice skirt, snacks, body and face wipes, hair bag, and because I have asthma and migraine, my rescue meds. Because I’d never let a migraine or asthma attack stop me from doing what I love most!


And let's take a look at Charlottes bag.

Charlotte What's in my bag?
The content of my dance bag will vary slightly depending on if I’m going to class or a rehearsal but these items are my essentials:
Soft shoes, pointe shoes (usually 2 pairs), leg warmers, warmup booties, extra tights, and leotard. I always have a stitch kit as well as different band-aids/toe tapes and a small bag with extra hair stuff... you never know what can happen!!! (Toepads... not right now! I just use the tape at the moment).
I like to have my yoga block, an exercise band and many different type/size balls for my warmup. Water bottle, a towel, and my Freshify are a must for after class or rehearsal!!!
That’s the essentials items in my dance bag!

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