Meet our founder

Meet our founder


Hi, my name is Alina and I've been dancing all my life. My mom took me to my first ballet performance when I was about 4 years old. That day changed my life. I was fascinated by ballet tutus, tiaras, and graceful dancers.  The next month I started ballet and now I’ve been dancing for over 20 years! While growing up in the city with just two ballet stores, every visit there was like a trip to Disneyland, even though the variety of dancewear was very limited. I always dreamt about having one day my own ballet store with tons of beautiful leotards, tiaras, skirts and the best pointe shoe models. 


Today, as a ballet dancer and teacher with years of experience, I have decided to create something special for every ballet dancer.


I'm so excited to start this new adventure and share it with you. Don't hesitate to check our beautiful boxes.

Every box is created with care and love, every item is handpicked, and every package will bring joy and happiness to all our lovely ballerinas.


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